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Monday, June 1, 2009

My Latest Running Product Adventures

(sponsored by me and my diminishing dollars)

GU Vanilla Bean Energy Gel
-Taste: Great! Reminded me of frosting. My favorite so far!!
-Texture: Seemed easier to get down because the taste matched the texture (if that makes sense)
-Results: Still no amazing results to report, but I think I am better off with it than without it (especially on a 17 mile run)

Citrus Fruit NUUN
-Taste: Reminded me of chewable baby medicine; not good
-Texture: Pretty much like water
-Results: I couldn't drink enough of it to get any results; I couldn't get over the taste; trying lemon-lime next time...

Clif Shot Chocolate Energy Gel
-Taste: A little salty but tolerable
-Texture: Very thick and sticky; drank a lot of water to wash it down
-Results: Used it at mile 8 of a 15 mile run; had a few chocolate burps as it settled in my stomach; no amazing energy surge but it eased the hunger I was experiencing

GU Chocolate Outrage Energy Gel
-Taste: Very tolerable, especially if you like chocolate
-Texture: A little thick; water is a necessity to wash it down
-Results: Used on my longest run to date and mostly noticedhaving more energy after my run; also felt pretty good coming through the door, so that may have been because of the GU

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