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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Friend and Foe


My treadmill and I have become friends. It was a slow process, getting to know each other (in spite of its presence in my life for almost three years). The key to our blossoming friendship? Speedwork + music. Watching TV made the miles drag, and for some reason the commercials made me want to slow down. Sticking to the music I listen to when I run outside and mixing it up with speedwork has made the treadmill more endurable. Mind you, we are not best friends. But at least we finally enjoy getting together now and then.


Pushing this baby that was carrying my two babies kicked my boot-ay yesterday!! It was bad enough that the wind was not being kind to me, but the rain guard (that I never ended up needing) was making my girls too warm, so I pulled it up and ended up getting an arm workout from holding it down so it wouldn't blow back and hit me in the face. Add that to the fact that pushing over 100 lbs is not as easy as I'm sure I make it look (ha-ha-ha), and I felt like crawling the last 1/2 mile home and making my blog title true.


  1. Hi! i saw your blog on Happy Runner's comments. The double jogger is too my foe. I used to love running with the single jogger. Two kids is one too many, that sucker is heavy!!

  2. I don't know how you do the double jogging stroller! If you train with that thing (with kids in it) long enough, you will be flying weightlessly along during you non-stroller runs!

    I'm glad you and Treadmill are finally able to be friends. I wish I had one at home to use while I watch TV.

    I see you have a 10 mile race coming up... if I don't get a chance, have a great race!!

  3. I'm loving your new blog!!! So very inspiring. Makes me want to quit making excuses (like it's too hot! or that Erik leaves the house too early for me to go :) and just run! P.S. Do you do the treadmill in the wintertime or just bundle up and enjoy the frosty outdoors?

  4. I saw your comment on Happy Runner's blog. Congrats on starting a new blog!

  5. Hey Steph! I love running outside, even in the rain or cold. Thanks for your comment!


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