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Friday, April 1, 2016

Life in pictures. Friday funnies. And a GIVEAWAY.

It's funny how our phones become a photo journal of our lives. As I looked for the funny pictures I had saved for today's post, I found several others that documented the past week...

We took the girls to Zootopia on Friday night. No one warned us that it would scare them so much they would both want to sleep in Scott's and my room that night. And need to have the hall light on every night since.  

We did all things Easter. The Easter bunny came. We hunted for eggs. We colored eggs. We ate eggs of every kind: boiled, Robin, Reeses, jelly, Snickers and more.

Including these. Which are interesting. They are two of my favorite candies in one. They are good (except the yellow ones, which are so sour I can barely eat them), but nothing compares to the original Brach's jelly beans and good old fashioned Smarties. 

There was a brand new baby horse when Ellie went to riding lessons on Monday. She was born on Easter. So they are calling her Bunny.

Another running wardrobe fail. I changed into my running clothes at the school to run after work one day last week, and my bra strap completely snapped. So I found a safety pin and crossed my fingers that it would hold for seven miles. It did. So you can stop holding your breath.

The only way to eat a Peep.

Now for some funny stuff to kick off the weekend...

Hilarious. Because of its truth.

Also funny. Because it's sadly true.

If I didn't drive, my stress, annoyance and frustration levels would be highly minimized. True story.


Last but not least, to celebrate the upcoming release of Joe DeSena's new book Spartan Fit!, I'm giving away a free race entry good for any Spartan Race in the United States. 

Here's how to enter to win the race entry giveaway (you can enter as many ways as you want):
  1. Comment on this post telling me which race you want to do.
  2. Follow Spartan Race on Facebook. Let me know (in a comment) you did.
  3. Follow Spartan Race on Twitter. Let me know (in a comment) you did.
  4. Comment on any of my Instagram posts about the giveaway in the next week and let me know you want to win.
  5. Repost about the giveaway on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Be sure to tag me (@ihaverun) and link to the post. This will get you an additional three entries for each place you post!!
You can also use the code SPARTANBLOGGER now to get 10 percent off any race!

Be sure to check out the four different Spartan Endurance races: Hurricane Heat, Hurricane Heat 12 Hour, Ultra Beast and the new Agoge!

Winner will be announced Wednesday, April 13th.  


  1. I would have been so afraid the safety pin would have come undone and stabbed me. I am glad that disn't happen to you!

    I always love your meme's and laugh and nod my head at all of them.

    I hadn't heard anyone that got scared at that movie and my kids did fine. I would have warned you if I would have thought otherwise. Toy story 3 had that effect on my kids though. It's rough. Hopefully your girls sleep better this week.

  2. There is a race in Barre, Ma that I would like to do this year

    nlbourassa (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. I follow spartan on twitter


    nlbourassa (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Follow spartan race on Facebook

    nlbourassa (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. Tweeted:

    nlbourassa (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. I've got my eyes on the Fenway Park race.

  7. I follow Spartan Race on Facebook (Seth R).

  8. I follow Spartan Race on Twitter (@StaticSeth)

  9. I want to run the Spartan Race in Vermont!

  10. I commented on an Instagram post as RunBerto

  11. Posted on Facebook!

  12. Tweeted!

  13. I follow Spartan Race on FB.

  14. I would like to do the Sprint in TN!... and pray to not have to do a zillion burpees.

  15. I want to run one of the races in FL! ...Probably the Jacksonville beast!

  16. Id like to do the Pittsburgh sprint!

  17. I follow Spartan on Twitter too

  18. What a great approach to the subject, I was looking for. Thanks for these tips



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