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Monday, February 1, 2016

Food IS fuel. And a happy Monday to you.

I am usually all about Mondays. I love the newness and opportunity of a new week.

But yesterday I was sick. And other than no longer running a fever, I am not feeling much better today. I reset my alarm when it went off this morning because I knew it was futile to attempt to work out when my body aches the way it does. So this week’s Monday isn’t turning out to be my favorite.
Instead of being a Debbie Downer though, I decided to throw some randomness at you. Because it is what I do best.

Randomness #1 – I miss writing. Actual writing.  With a paper and pen. Because everything I “write” ultimately needs to be in electronic format, there isn’t much point in putting it down on paper first. So watching my thoughts take shape in ink is something that rarely happens. But that I miss.

Randomness #2 – I love the way the school smells on Monday. Except that it makes me hungry all day. Every Monday is pizza day.

Randomness #3 – I finally got the purse I have been drooling over for months. I got money for my birthday (back in October) specifically for a purse and have been looking for the perfect one ever since. I found one I loved in December but couldn’t justify spending what it cost. But getting it 25% off made it irresistible.

Randomness #4 – As much as I LOVE the snow, I hate being cold. I have the heat in my office turned up to 71 and a space heater under my desk, and I am still cold. Yesterday, I took a nap buried under my electric blanket and two other blankets. And I live in slippers at home. Why can’t it snow in the summer?!?

Randomness #5 – I have been trying to drink a gallon of water every day lately. That’s 128 ounces folks. That’s A LOT of water. I have been making many, many, many trips to the bathroom.

Randomness #6 – I ran 12 miles on Friday. It was one of my toughest runs in a long, long time! It was a good learning experience though. It was a great reminder that food is fuel and of the importance of fueling for the work you are going to ask your body to do. My diet was pretty low in carbs in the days leading up to my run. And my lack of energy as a result was proof positive that I need those carbs to run strong. 


  1. Love the purse. So happy you got it...and that it wasn't the size made for a doll ;) Also, low carb and running do not go hand in hand. Hopefully your long run this weekend will be much better. And I am the same way about writing stuff down. Ross keeps trying to get me to do all lists on the computer and online. While there are definitely perks that way, my mind just liked pen and paper.

    1. I'll be sure to let you know how my long run goes so you can be jealous of how cold every mile was while you are frolicking on the beach.

      And of course we both make lists. And like pen and paper. Because #samesies.

  2. Oh and I am sorry you were sick. Even more so that I didn't even know about it. I hope you are feeling all the way better now. Is winter over yet?

  3. Wow, love the bag. It's perfect, would go w/ anything and could be casual or dressed up. Great purchase. 12 miles is awesome, Candice! Good for you. I ran Sat/Sun then got snowed in for 2 days and woke up w/ a cold today. Booo. Three days no running or swimming. I know rest is best but looking forward to warmer days & sunshine. Like you, I can't stand the cold (or the snow, really...).


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