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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It's that time of year...for gifts and a giveaway!

So I'm running these days, but I am still under 15 miles per week because I have to take a day or two off between each run because my ankle is a little sore after every run. I have been very patient and always err on the side of caution, but my patience is running out so I finally went back to my doctor and he recommended a few weeks of physical therapy. I've been to physical therapy twice, and it seems to be helping. I ran five miles yesterday, and my ankle is feeling pretty good today!

I'm hoping my Christmas gift to myself can be a double digit run. So keep your fingers crossed!

Speaking of Christmas gifts, are you ready for some more gift ideas? Because in all my shopping adventures, I have come up with a few more gifts for the runners in your life. And because there are some unfortunate souls who have not yet found the gift of running, I included some things for them as well.

For the Non-Runner in Your Life

Maybe a fitness tracker will put that special someone on the road to running. Just maybe. Either way, the Soleus Go Fitness Watch is a winner.

And because the world seems to be All. Things. Star. Wars. There's this shirt. Or you can go with the Dark Side with this one instead.

And basically just because I saw it over the weekend and fell in love with it, there's this purse.

For the Runner in Your Life 

First, I LOVE my Journal Menu running planner and think any runner on the planet would love one. They are customized and have great information tracking pages, including goal tracking, race planning, body measurements, personal records, nutrition guides, pace charts and more.

Then there's this vest.  I have the same one from two years ago, and it is one of my favorite things to wear in the winter!! It is perfect for cold runs because it keeps my torso warm, but I don't get too hot like I do with a full coat/jacket sometimes. It has the right amount of pockets in all the right places. And it comes in five colors. I promise you or whoever you gift it to will love it!

And everyone loves having their running information at their wrist. So pick up a new Garmin for the one you love. There's something for everyone, whether it's my personal favorite the Forerunner 15 or something a little more high tech like the Garmin 225.

And since it's that time of year when we are all burned out from shopping and need to rest our tired legs, who couldn't use a pair of compression socks or sleeves?!? SLS3 has my favorites and they are offering free holiday shipping. Plus you can get 45% using the code: BLOG45 at checkout!

Also because I love my readers, I am hosting a Rafflecopter giveaway for a pair of SLS3 compression sleeves or socks of your choice! Winner will be announced December 24th. What better way to kick of the Christmas Eve festivities?!?


  1. So glad to hear PT is helping! Are they giving you exercises or doing modalities to speed up healing? I am always in PT (I'm a lifer). Currently dealing w/ bursitis in the knee. Will be getting an injection next week so hoping I can go back to full range of motion. Here's to healthy running in 2016.

    1. They are having me do exercises and stretches. And they do Astym each time I go in. An injection is the next step if PT doesn't get me back to running pain free. Good luck with your PT and injection. Fingers crossed for both of us to have a stellar running year in 2016!!

    2. You have been so patient and erring on the side of caution is always best. I have had to learn the hard way myself. Finally getting PT for my hip bursitis after trying to get on top of it myself. It is so frustrating at times, not knowing what lies ahead. Next step is an appointment with the Sports Medicine Dr at my Uni hospital here. I am hoping to be running again in the new year, planning on racing in May. I think that's a reasonable goal but I have been disappointed before. WIshing you the best for your recovery. Just know that you are doing everything right Candice!!!

  2. Love compression gear for recovery!

  3. I wear compression socks for running and to work since I am on my feet all day. I hope you get your double digit run soon!

  4. I have a pair of compression socks, but I will loooove sleeves. Since sleeves can be hidden ;) I am so glad that PT is helping. I hope you get your Christmas wish!!!

  5. They really help your calves feel better after running.

  6. Love my compression socks but would really love some calf sleeves!

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