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Monday, November 23, 2015

You had me at pumpkin pie.

It's time to break out the maternity pants. And pass them around because Thanksgiving with all it yummy goodness is just days away and then it's full swing into Christmas. And the closer December 25th gets, the busier life seems to be. At least for me.

This is what prompted one of my most recent internet searches. Because I am still only running every other day, I do a lot of ellipticizing and cycling. But there isn't always time to fit 45 or even 30 minutes into my day. And for some reason it is easier to find the time to run than do other kinds of cardio (wink-wink). Maybe that means I'm a runner.

Anyhow...that search I was talking about was for workouts that don't take much time but that will make me feel like I really got my workout on and my heart pumping. Since I'm fairly sure I'm not the only busy person out there, I thought I'd save you the time of searching out some shorter but killer (aka effective, calorie torching) workouts and share the ones I like with you.

Now that you are prepared with a way to burn those Thanksgiving calories, I can properly share the abundance of funny (and too often true) Thanksgiving memes I found when looking for our friend Joey in his maternity pants:


  1. I love all those images! So funny!! Joey's Thanksgiving pants are the best! I love Friends!

  2. I just saved all those workouts. Muchas gracias. I love tabatas and will need all the help I can get this week when it comes to burning calories #cause food

    Those memes are spot on. I especially liked the hating yourself one;) Also, if you could send,my MIL the one how no one eats ONE slice of pie, it would be greatly appreciated.

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