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Monday, September 21, 2015

Lots of pumpkin. Not so much running.

Rachel Platten is killing it with her singles. I absolutely love her latest! I want to start running again just so I can run to it.

I have a problem. A pumpkin problem. Pumpkin has its own Board on my Pinterest page. And it is quickly becoming its own food group. I texted Scott to see if we should start a 21-day pumpkin eating plan. That's 21 days of eating I could totally get on board with!

I like pumpkin (spice) flavored things so much that if it's combined with things I don't normally like on their own, such as almonds or pretzels, I become a big fan.

Since we're on the subject of food, this minestrone soup is hitting the spot lately. I've had it for at least one meal every day since I made it last week. This is BIG because there are very few things I like as leftovers. The secret ingredient that makes it the bomb is Italian sausage, which was Megan's own addition to the original recipe, which she shared with me.

Fall soups also mean it's time for fun socks. I love my flip flops but can transition to wearing socks and shoes if I have fun socks to wear, even if I am the only one who sees them. I'm thinking these might need to be added to my collection:
Speaking of socks, I'd also like to be wearing these on a regular basis again:

But I think maybe I jinxed myself last week when I plugged my watch in to charge because the next day my ankle was a little achy off an and on all day. So I played it safe on Saturday and decided to give it another week before I try running...

So here's to another week of cross training. Happy Monday! 

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  1. And now I am hungry and want every single thing you posted. I haven't made that soup since o made it for you and janae. Thanks for the reminder. I think I shall make it next week :) #CrossTrainingForLife


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