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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Well hello Tuesday!

After sitting at the computer for hours on end for most of five days straight, putting together the books for my publishing center students, it took a few days to recover and get motivated to do anything productive on the computer again. Thus, the little unplanned blog break.

But I'm back. And although I haven't run in 14 days, I'm busting out all the cross traing! Elliptical, pool running, spin class, T25, weights, 8-Minute Abs and even a little stair mill action.

If it didn't rain every day, I would venture out on my bike. But that hasn't happened yet.

My leg is doing a lot better but is still not 100% pain free. Luckily none of my cross training makes it hurt, so I feel like I'm moving in the right direction. However I'll be glad when this can again be my serenity prayer...

I'm also keeping busy with all our weekly "stuff," including Ellie's riding lessons, which have been extra fun because of this little addition at the barn:

And although I'm not running, that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about it plenty. When I saw this, it made me laugh because it is completely the opposite for me:

When I'm running, my brain struggles even more than usual with math. If I want an easy distraction, I try to figure out my average pace or some other basic running/math problem. It keeps me busy for quite a while. Ask anyone who has run with me. They will verify my sad lack of running math abilities.

Then there's these. I'll be scouring the stores for them on Friday when they are released nationwide.

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  1. I am glad the cross training doesn't hurt it, but I still hope it heals quickly! I can attest to your lack of math skills while running....and I can say that cause mine are the exact same. I am so glad that your teaching days are over for a bit. Here is to playing multiple times a week all summer long (in fact, Annabelle asked when your girls could play just last night)

    I want those oreos. Now.


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