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Friday, March 13, 2015

Photo Friday

Once in a while I wander through the photos on my phone and remember several things I intended to blog or post about on Instagram or just find random things that make me smile. So in order to follow through on those intentions and to share some of my smiles with you, I bring you Photo Friday, captions included.

This generosity. The incredible generosity of others sometimes astounds me. I won a giveaway from Nicole (@heartnsolerunning on Instagram) a few weeks ago and absolutely love everything she sent me!

This running happiness. The hubs surprised me with some Root Beer GU to try out and a big box of my favorite, Salted Caramel. I tried the Root Beer on my last long run. I used it at mile 6 and then some Salted Caramel at mile 11. It was great because the Root Beer didn't seem too sweet that early in my run, but I was grateful to have the caffeine in the Salted Caramel later in my run.

This charm. Just one of many. Grace has become quite the Rainbow Loom expert lately, and I randomly find pictures of her creations when scrolling thorough the pictures on my phone.

This boy. Grace also likes to randomly take pictures of Rowdy. She pretty much thinks EVERYTHING he does is cute and worth documenting.

This blizzardy run. I forgot how snowy it was during one of my runs last week. This reminded me. It's hard to believe this was one of only a few snowy runs this winter.

This haul of birthday loot. My Princess is nine. How did that happen? And yes, her autographed copy of the cast of Studio C was one of her favorite gifts.

This salad. Thank you Blue Lemon. And thank you Grace for choosing Blue Lemon for your birthday lunch.

These girls. I sure love them. Thank you Instagram and blogging for bringing them into my life.


  1. Oh man. I wish my kids chose blue lemon for their bday dinner. That salad looks soooo good.

  2. Awww little doggie! The snow here is gone! I'm sure we'll get one last storm but they're saying we're done with any freezes...


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