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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I'm bad at making decisions about my life

Being gone all day is taking some adjustment. Depending on what we have going on after school, I have to figure out when will be the best time to run. I'm finding that early morning will probably be the easiest, but I have yet to get up with my alarm at 5:30 am. So my run on Thursday happened in the evening, and I cross trained on the bike Friday because I was doing my long run the next morning.

My alarm went off at 5:30 again this morning, but I reset it for an hour later and got up with my girls. I'm trying to remember how I managed to get up that early, morning after morning for almost two months, to go pool running at the beginning of the summer!

So tonight I ended up doing a T25 workout, then an upper body strength workout, and THIS core/lower body workout, which was kind of a fun change. And I got to use my new weights that were a surprise from the hubs.

Saturday's long run ended up being 12 miles. Ellie Bean went to piano with her cousins and my incredible friend Megan, now an official Team I Have Run member, offered to have Princess Grace over to play with her daughter so I could run while Scott had to work. I planned on running until Ellie was back from piano, so I knew I had a little less than two hours. I felt strong for all 12 miles and my pace was right where I wanted it to be.

Yesterday I ran seven miles. My girls spent the night with their cousins, so after sleeping in until 9 that morning, Scott dropped me off about 10 miles from home and then had water for me every few miles and chocolate mik for me when he picked me up where I finished.

I spent yesterday's run trying to decide if I should run the full or drop down to the half in my marathon next weekend. I am not where I was physically before this marathon last year. Coming back after my stress fracture hasn't been easy. I still feel like I have to work harder than I did a year ago to hit my paces and I don't have very many runs where I feel like I can just get lost in the run. Today is the deadline to change to the half, and the day is almost over....!

Besides running, the weekend was full of food, family and outdoor fun. Sunday we had a family dinner with 52 members of my dad's side of the family together! Which of course means lots of yummy food!!

What was the highlight of your Labor Day weekend?

When is your next race?



  1. Oh man. I wrote a novel length comment (surprise) in the wee hours of the night and somehow it never published. Boo. The gist:
    -you got up early cause someone else was getting up with you
    -My friends keep asking how long until I start working out with them at 6am. I will work out in the early morning hours once Felicity sleeps through the night....for about 2 months (I think I need some recovery sleep time) ;)
    -Suuuuper jealous of your 9am wake up time.
    -I need to be adopted into your family. That spread looks awesome. And 52 people? I don't think they would notice one more!
    - I am debating on signing up for a Thanksgiving 10k.
    -What did you decide on with the marathon/half marathon? Keep me posted!

  2. I'm sorry you're not where you want to be for Big Cottonwood. It's so hard to know what to do. I'm running the half. Not looking for a PR (yeah right) or anything. Just looking forward to the canyon run.


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