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Burgers, Cannoli and Meb

I couldn't capture everything from my Boston experience in one post. So here is some randomness I wanted to share...and some things I just want to remember.

There were so many little details about the race that I want to remember, like the yellow and blue fire hydrants in Ashland.

There were daffodils everywhere along the course and tons of them at the finish. They were planted by a group called Marathon Daffodils who planted thousands of bulbs last fall so the yellow flowers would line the course in honor of the bombing victims and to preserve the spirit of the marathon. Their goal was to have 100,000 daffodils along the course on Marathon Monday.

Monday night, after the race, there was an open house for the runners and volunteers at Fenway Park. It was fun to see the park, the World Series trophies and meet some of the other runners.

Scott, the hubs, got to his waiting spot before the race began, so he got to wait for me near the elite's fuel table. He also got a front row view of the Meb, Shalane and the others as they passed. And he said yes, you can tell they are going fast!

I didn't have much of an appetite after the race, but I more than made up for it on Tuesday. We went to Wahlburgers for lunch, and Paul Wahlburg happened to stop in while we were eating. He congratulated me and humored us graciously while we took this picture.

The food was yummy. I had the BBQ Bacon Burger and shared sweet potato tots with Scott.

Our other celebrity sighting happened in Lindt when we were picking up treats to take back to our girls. We recognized this guy when he walked in, but couldn't quite place him. Luckily the guy working behind the counter was apparently a die-hard NKOTB fan, so we didn't spend too long trying to figure out why he looked so familiar.
Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block
Making up for my loss of appetite also happened in the form of a trip to Mike's Pastry, thanks to my friend Jessica's recommendation. I was hesitant to get a cannoli because I'm usually not a big fan, but it's what they're known for so I caved and got a peanut butter cannoli. It was yummy. So was the Boston Cream Puff we got!

On Tuesday, we took in a little more history with a visit to Bunker Hill Monument. I took in the view while Scott climbed up and down the 294 steps to the top of the monument. My legs weren't quite up to it after Monday's race.

Random Thing To Remember: Salted Caramel Gu and Hammer Endurolyte tablets were my race fuel. I ate a Gu at miles 4ish, 11ish and 18ish. I knew I would want that last boost of energy before heading into the Newton hills. I took electrolyte tablets around miles 7, 13 and 20. I drank water at almost every aid station because it was so warm and I could tell I was sweating more than usual. I could feel the salt on my forehead pretty early on, so I wanted to make sure I stayed hydrated. I even drank a little Gatorade at the last few aid stations, even though I really don't like the lemon-lime flavor. I also dumped water on my head at almost every aid station.

Random Thing To Remember: Don't wait until Sunday to drive the course if you don't have to. The closer we got to Hopkinton on Sunday morning, the slower the traffic moved. By the time we turned around at the start to drive back to the finish, the traffic going toward the start was backed up a loooong way.


  1. LOVE THE RECAP AND LOVE THE RANDOMNESS. So fun about the blue and yellow details and Scott got some awesome pictures! I need that BBQ burger asap! LOVE YOU and I want to go with you next year:)

  2. There were daffodils everywhere along the marathon course and tons of them at the finish. They served as a tribute to bombing victims who died on April 15 last year, on what would have been their coursework service uk 26.2 mile run, by a group called Marathon Daffodils. The organization planted thousands of lilac coloured bulbs throughout the city last Fall so that for a few weeks in April there would be two runs in Boston – a symbolic 26.2 mile run then one through suburban neighborhoods where people lined the streets handing out daffodil flowers when runners went past.

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