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Friday, July 19, 2013

Love your body! (Guest post by Becky Reese)

As a mom and a runner, sometimes I feel as if the miles and time have not been kind to me. With the kids and with training for three upcoming half marathons, sometimes I just don’t recognize myself. I think the sore muscles and bags under my eyes (not to mention frequent cab duty) sometimes make me feel not so good about myself.  Here are some tips to help you start loving your body again.

·        Find an oil that you like.  I’m not talking about cooking or olive oils! I’m talking about therapeutic oils - whether it be a lavender, spice, flower or whatever your favorite fragrance is. I personally love lavender due to its calming effect. I put four droppers full in my bubble bath immediately after my long runs, and I just soak it in. I have even found some lavender Epsom salts that I add when I am feeling sore.

·        Get fitted for a new pair of running shoes. Besides the terrific feel of retail therapy, a new pair of shoes feels so good! And let’s face it, sometimes just having something new is all it takes to change your mood.

·        Go for a run. The pride of just getting out the door and getting through the workout is enough. Burst training (running up a flight of stairs or sprinting as fast as you can for one minute and then walking two minutes) not only makes you feel good fast, but it also revs your metabolism for the rest of the day. Tired of running? Then drop and do push ups, burpees or jumping jacks followed by sit-ups. My new favorite is mountain biking. I love riding on the trails, and the cardio benefit is so close to running that I don’t feel like I missed my run.

·        Get a manicure or pedicure. We pound our feet on the pavement all day long. Have someone give you a foot massage and some shiny new color on those toes - it’s a great way to feel sexy again!

When we run or exercise, we are not only helping build a strong beautiful body, we are showing our kids a healthy lifestyle! 

About Becky Reese:

Armed with a mission to empower moms across the country to feel beautiful no matter what their size, mother-of-five Becky Reece founded Sexy Mom's Running Club ( to help busy women make themselves a priority again, while still balancing career and family.

You can also find Becky on Facebook and Twitter!

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