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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things I Love Thursday: Smiling

I've decided, if nothing else, the least I can do is sit down once a week and think about some of the things that make me happy. So here I am for Things I Love Thursday with a few things that have made me smile lately:
  • My runnerd friends. Some of the most supportive, loving, honest, real people in my life are the friends I have made through running. Getting to spend time with them at lunch almost weekly has made me so, so happy! It is incredible how running has brought us together, but they are so much more than just runners.
  • Running. I know. Duh! But seeing how my dedication is paying off makes me smile. And so did setting a new PR at the Spectrum 10K, the race where I set my PR last year. Yes, it was a few weeks ago, but I'm still pretty happy about it. My previous 10K PR was 50:32. I was hoping for a sub-50:00. Secretly I really wanted a sub-49:00. But I wasn't sure I could pull it off. So my finish time came as a complete (happy) shock to me: 45:58!!
  • My girls. They make me happy. Every. Single. Day. I am so incredibly blessed to be their mom. 
It's amazing how taking a few minutes to think about a few of the things I love can completely change my mood. I'll have to remember to do it more often.  


  1. :0) I love all of these things too and you're right-it's amazing how thinking of things you love can totally change your mood! Have a great weekend!

  2. That last picture of your girls is absolutely priceless. I love it!

    Congrats on your big PR at Spectrum. So incredibly exciting and so well earned. You have been working your butt off and I am really proud of you.

  3. Well done on your PR! That is crazy fast. Plus you have some pretty awesome runnerd friends.


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