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Friday, August 10, 2012

Race Report (sort of): Timpanogos Half Marathon

Wow things have been busy around here! I'm sure the two people who still read my blog have been DYING to know what is going on in my oh-so-glamorous life. I'm sure you've been holding your breath waiting for a race report on a race I didn't even mention before it happened. But even with a new PR to shout about, life has continued marching on with or without the blog. So instead of a full blown race report, you get this...a bullet point recap of the race and a few of the other highlights from my life as of late.

  • Timpanogos Half Marathon - I went into this hoping for a PR, but I thought it was a long shot. I set a PR there last year with a 1:52:39. I was shocked when I beat that at the Utah Valley Half Marathon this year in June with a 1:50:51. I remember when I wanted to get under 2 hours so bad. So I felt like under 1:50 was just crazy. But I crossed the Timp Half in 1:47:01. My watch  stopped keeping track of pace and miles when it hit 10.72 miles. So I had no idea how fast I was running the last few miles. I didn't see a mile marker when there was a mile left, so I really had no idea what my final time would be until I saw people turning the corner that led to the finish. I was crazy excited! Getting a congratulatory hug from Rachelle almost made me cry. And then texting Julia to share my excitement just added to the happiness. She showed up a few minutes later because she is so awesome that she planned her long run to finish at the end of our race. I adore those girls. And I miss Julia terribly!!

Julia, Me, Rachelle
  • The week after the race, I headed to Arizona. My parents live there, otherwise I wouldn't even consider being there in July and August. But I survived. Although my parents keep their treadmill in the garage, I braved the temperatures and ran on it twice. I also ran in the pool once and rode their stationary bike once, which is thankfully in the bliss of their air conditioned house. Other than that, I gave myself a pass because I was on "vacation." Besides the little bit of running I did, my girls and I spent a majority of our time staying cool in the pool.

  • Now that I'm home, I'm back at it. Marathon training doesn't run itself. To get motivated yesterday, I put this shirt on first thing in the morning. It worked.


  1. American Flyers Race PacersAugust 10, 2012 at 8:59 PM

    Perfect recap! Good luck training for SGM and I'll watch for you and your progress.

  2. Good job at Timpanogos Half!! It was a beautiful race and I hope to be able to do it every year. (If my body holds out)

    I miss Julia too :(

  3. Daaaaaang! 1:47 is FAST - Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations on the new PR. That's a big bite out of your last one.

  5. Congrats! What a great finish time at the half!!!

  6. Hello Candice,
    Just a quick message to ask if you would be interested in a 'mutual' following on twitter. I am currently following you now and am awaiting for your follow-back if you indeed decide to do so... (#FYI I do RT's for all #Triathletes #Cyclists #UltraRunners & #Marathoners who follow me on Twitter and have something important they want mentioned...)

    All the very best for the rest of 2012 and beyond Candice. Look forward to hearing from you...


  7. Great finish and what an awesome t-shirt!

  8. Congrats on the race PR! And yea, Arizona in the summer is like being on the surface of the sun!

  9. I for one have been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for this report. :) I am so incredibly proud of you Candice. You totally deserved that PR and I will never forget how happy I was to see you sprinting across that finish line looking so incredibly strong. I am actually getting chills just writing about it and remembering that moment.

    Glad you made is back from AZ safely and let the crazy training schedule begin. :)

  10. Congrats on the new best time - and SOOOO much faster!

  11. Congratulations on a new PR! That is quite speedy!

  12. Congrats on the PR - now to update it in your About section! Thinking about the Timp Half makes me miss home!


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