Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shake It (Vega One Review & Giveaway)

You may remember my Vega Sport review (HERE) a few months ago. Well now it's time to talk about another Vega product line, the Vega One All-In-One Nutritional Shakes.

Here are a few of the stats and details you might want to know about the shakes:

  • Contain 50 percent of your daily intake of vitamins and minerals

  • Dairy, gluten & soy free

  • No sugar added

  • Clean, plant-based choice

  • Comes in chocolate, natural, vanilla chai and berry

So now for my thoughts. I first tried the natural flavor. I put it in my morning smoothie. I was a little surprised by the greenish color when I first added water. But it turned a lovely purple once I added blueberries, strawberries and bananas. I thought the Vega flavor would blend in subtly with the fruit, but it kind of took over. And it really changed the texture. I wasn't in love with it and prefer my Vega-free smoothie. But that wasn't the end of my Vega One adventures.

Next I tried the chocolate. I really like the Vega Sport chocolate Performance Protein Shake, so I had high hopes for the Vega One shake. The flavor was pretty good. They all have a similar underlying taste, but this had a good chocolaty flavor. But again, the texture got me. I tried the chocolate mixed with just water, and it was a little gritty.

So I decided maybe blending the shakes with a little ice was the answer. And it worked wonders. I am a vanilla fan, and the vanilla chai blended with water and ice was my favorite. It has a subtle flavor and the ice masked the gritty texture, as it did for the berry as well.

I am not a berry fan when it comes to things like shakes, but I think anyone who likes berry protein type shakes would like the Vega One berry shake.

Now, I don't have a cool Vega shirt for you that you can take a really bad picture of in really bad lighting like mine, but I do have a sample of each flavor for one of you to try. Here's how you can get them:

  • Follow my blog. Leave a comment telling me you do. (1 entry)

  • Tweet and/or Facebook about this giveaway. Be sure to include #ihaverun in your Tweet or @I Have Run in your FB post so I know you did this. (up to 2 entries) will select the winner on Monday, March 19!


  1. I am now an official follower of your blog, and have been curious about Vega One. Thanks for the review!

  2. I tweeted the giveaway @NattieRuns

  3. Nothing like a gritty protein shake to get me up and going in the morning. Count me in for a vote.

  4. Would love to try this. I do follow your blog.

  5. I shared on my FB page at
    Eat Run Sail

  6. How about a comparative review on Vega WFHO and One?!?!Including cost per gram of protein.

  7. I'm following your blog! (I think it's through my Twitter account @MyEatsAndTreats)

  8. Tweeted! @MyEatsAndTreats
    I truly admire you so much for juggling your love for family and running! I really hope to do the same!

  9. All for it. I haven't tried but really am going to next time.


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