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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Things I Love Thursday - Lists

I love lists. Just ask anyone at my house. I have two white boards in the kitchen to prove my love of lists. I have "memos" on my phone with lists of awesome things my girls say, great places to eat and gift ideas. I usually have a to-do list on my desk, which gets updated almost daily. And when we were packing for Hawaii two weeks ago, I made a list of things to pack. And since my last post coincides closely with my departure to Hawaii, you now know why I have been MIA. To get back into the swing of things, I am going to make another list...

  • After a chaotic week, we packed up and headed to Hawaii on the 10th. There was a lot of beach time, some sightseeing, snorkeling, a Valentine's Day hike and even some running. I will post more about our Hawaii adventures once I download all the pics from the hubs' phone. Until then, here is some Hawaii happiness:

  • Since we've been back, the girls have readjusted to going to school again. And I've been catching up on work. And laundry. But the biggest event since our plane touched down was surgery for our little Rowdy boy on Wednesday. He has slowly gone blind over the last few years as he developed cataracts and then glaucoma. The pain and pressure was at the point that the only relief would come from removing his eyes. So our little guy came home this morning with no eyes. Yet he's still the most amazing little dog you could ever imagine, and his perfect little personality is still intact. I thought about posting a picture, but I decided to wait until the swelling goes down and his stitches get removed, since the hubs said the stitches look a little Frankensteinish. The vet also had to shave the hair around his eyes, so that makes the whole lack of eyes thing a little more shocking. Once the stitches are out, he'll just look like he's walking around with his eyes closed. I think the vet tech put the experience into words best this morning when she said, "We knew you were worried about him when the whole family showed up to drop him off." Yep, our little guy is a part of the family!

  • Last but not least, since I am such a blogger slacker, I have a lot of great things coming up, including a race report about my first race of 2012 coming up this Saturday, several reviews and giveaways, and 11 Random Things About Me. I know everyone did the 11 Random Things on their blogs forever ago, but that is how far behind I am. So don't go too far!


  1. Great blog. Sorry to hear of yor pup's surgery but hope he is recovering well. Looking forward to future blogs!

  2. Hawaii sounds amazing.

    Sorry to hear about your four legged family member but glad to know his pain will be relieved.

  3. Wow a vacation to Hawaii! That is awesomeness right there. I am jealous. I have never been there.

    I am very sorry for your baby. I am sure he is in very good hands,

  4. So jealous of your trip to hawaii, especially after today's surprise snow storm!

  5. You gals look so happy! Hawaii will do that to you!! Good to have you back.

  6. I have a cat with one eye and some find him "odd" looking but it he lacks in typical appearance he makes up for in amazing personality. Glad to hear your pup is doing well.

    Missed school for a trip? My daughter would have thought I smacked my head if I told her that was going to happen. Fifth grade and she has never missed a day.

    Eager for Hawaii pictures and catching up!

  7. My last dog went totally blind and I was amazed at how well he got around without his vision. He would even run away if someone left the gate open. Dogs use their other senses so well - their hearing and smell - that sight isn't mandatory. I'm sure your dog will do really well once he's recovered from the surgery and in the meanwhile he'll be lapping up (no pun intended) all the extra pats and attention.

  8. Jealous of your trip.
    Hope your pup recovers well. Animals are such an amazing part of our lives...not sure what I would do without ours..

  9. Yay for Hawaii! I leave in 2 months!

  10. oh hawaii! what a fun trip. sorry about your dog, heart wrenching. pups are just the best, ours is definitely part of our family. hope he heals up quickly!


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