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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Things I Love Thursday - A Picture Really Is Worth a Thousand Words

Is it really 2012? How did that happen?

Somehow Christmas and New Years flew by. But not without some priceless moments. Including these:

Since I last blogged, there was some running. And as much as I resist admitting it ... some of my best runs were in sunny Arizona. Outside. (Shhh, don't tell Millie.)

Now I'm back to Millie. And Millie got a makeover. Of sorts. She is now in the toy room so we could expand my home office. It made more sense to combine the toy room and workout room than to try working in the toy room. So Millie isn't in the master bedroom anymore and my home office is.

Working has been tricky. Hopefully things will kind of fall into some sort of routine now that the holidays are behind us. Starting a new job two weeks before Christmas was interesting. But it is going well, and I am enjoying it. But fitting 40 hours of work into the rest of my life will continue to take some juggling. Needless to say, I am getting better and better at multi-tasking!

Also needless to say, my girls always come first. Seriously, how could they not?

And they don't get much cuter than when they were posing for an impromptu photo shoot to show off their Christmas dresses:

Jumping for joy!

Their "models" poses


Speaks for itself...


  1. They look so much alike! how cute!!

  2. They are cuuuuute! I hope my Annie gets a sister one day. Sisters are the greatest.

    Seriously, running in AZ. Amazing.

  3. ahhhhh too cute! love the pretty red dresses and the shoes! first pic is my favorite! I love it!!!

  4. Too cute!

    We gave my treadmill a makeover too! She's in the basement now, way less glamourous than a toy room. :)


  6. what a great set of pictures. I love the one with the dolls. That is how my daughter is with her "babies".

    I wish my daughter had a sister, but not enough to try for it :) They are sweet looking girls and I love those red dresses!

  7. Love the pictures! Your girls are adorable!
    I'm glad you're getting used to being a working girl again. So nice that you get to do it from home! Sounds like you had a good holiday season!

  8. Aw. Your girls are adorable. Love those dresses. :)

    Happy New Year!!

  9. So cute! How do you get them to act like they are ENJOYING it?

    My kids get all grumpy looking at phototime!

  10. Your girls are seriously adorable. omg so so cute. I can't belive you are working 40 hrs a week. wow!! Way to go Candice!

  11. Your girls are so adorable, especially in their little red dresses. I love the last picture. Sisterly love must be the best. I wouldn't know because I don't have a sister, but the sisters around me, they really have a wonderful bond with their sisters. :)


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