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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Came Early (thanks to Vega Sport)

Do you get excited when you get something in the mail? This is one of the reasons I love ordering things online. I love to get "fun" mail. I also love the holiday season because I get something "fun" in the form of a Christmas card almost every day.

A few weeks ago, I got something really fun in the mail. It was like Christmas came a little early. I got this box full of goodies. The type of goodies a runner loves. And since the box arrived, it has been the gift that keeps on giving (name that Christmas movie).

The box from was full of Vega products. It claims to be "the first complete natural, plant-based sport performance system." And based on my experience, I think it just might be.

I'll be honest. I was a little put off by the Vega name. I am not vegan or vegetarian. I like my meat. But then I realized a lot of sport nutrition products are probably vegan or vegetarian without even trying. So I have been adding the Vega products to my diet and workouts where they fit best. This has been made easier by the fact that each item is labeled with the purpose to Prepare, Sustain or Recover.

The first thing I tried before a run when I was seriously lacking energy was an Acai Berry Endurance Bar (also available in mocha). I couldn't get through the entire thing. I am not a fan of energy and protein bars that look like mashed up baby cereal with some dried fruit thrown in and shaped into a bar. The taste and texture just doesn't like my mouth. It reminded me of a Larabar, so if you like those, you will love Vega's Endurance Bars.

So I tried a Chocolate Coconut Protein Bar instead. And holy yum. This is exactly the kind of thing my mouth does like. And with chocolate coconut or chocolate saviseed to choose from, how could I be happier?

After another run, I tried a Performance Protein shake. It had a different taste than other protein shakes I have tried, which threw me at first. But it grew on me as I drank it. It mixed up well (a must!) and was pretty tasty. And it only has 120 calories and 0.6 grams of fat. The calorie total is pretty consistent with other protein drinks, but the fat content is lower, which I like. And it comes in vanilla, chocolate and berry, so everyone can be happy.

My next Vega experience was trying out the Acai Berry Pre-Workout Energizer (drink). When I dumped the powder into my cup, I was a little nervous because it literally looks like sawdust. It mixes up much better than I imagine sawdust would and tastes incredibly better. Yes, I've tasted sawdust.

The Electrolyte Hydrator (in lemon lime or pom-berry) also mixes up well and tastes great. And last but not least, the Recovery Accelerator (in tropical or apple-berry) and Endurance Gel (in raspberry or orange zest) go down easy and taste great, which says a lot coming from me since I am usually not big on fruity drinks and gels.

Vega products are clean nutrition to help you build and maintain health. Find out more at or (Twitter hastags: #VegaSport #AskVegaSport). Then try them yourself.!

*Fine Print: I was provided Vega products to try in exchange for my unbiased review.


  1. I've read a lot of great reviews on this product. I've never used any of them - I'll have to give it a try! Merry Christmas!

  2. i am really loving the protein poweder, but the gel and I are not agreeing with each other.

    fun to have a plant based product to try!

  3. I LOVE Vega!!! The protein bars are soooo good. I can't get enough!

  4. I've read so many great blogger reviews on their products! Glad you loved them!

  5. Thanks for the Vega information. The chocolate coconut bar sounds great!


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