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Things I Love Thursday - Being a Runnerd

Someone asked my race today; I almost asked which one. I forgot "race" has a non-running meaning.

I also saw this today and love it:

I just wish I looked like that afterward. And before.

This is what I look like during:

Yesterday I wore this awesome shirt for a LONG three mile run. I'll get to the run in a minute, after I talk about the shirt. Yes, it is pink. And says runnerd. It also has my name peeking out under my hand (oops). How cool is that? Pretty much a perfect shirt. And it was great for running. In spite of the sweat dripping off my face, the shirt wicked every drop of sweat off by body. And the best thing can get one too. And it doesn't even have to say runnerd on it. Although I don't know why you would want it to say anything else.

One of the best parts is how cheap (price, not quality!!) it is. Right now you can get a personalized ULTRA-Lite tech shirt for only for $14.95 from They'll even add your name (or whatever) in stylish black text to the front, left-bottom of your shirt for FREE! I have a feeling this might be the new go-to site for race teams like those running Ragnar! You don't have to get pink either. You can choose from yellow/gold, silver/grey, white, royal blue, lime shock, agent orange, apple red, tropic blue & pink. No matter what color you order, you get the shirt information sheet that is included, which is pretty dang funny. But knowing the guy (Charlie!) behind the shirt, you would expect nothing less. So be sure to also visit the Facebook page and sign up for the monthly newsletter, which will include "an occasional, out-of-the blue, crazy offer."

After you order your runnerd shirt, you can try to win some runnerd gear. Tomorrow I will be posting the long-awaited runnerd giveaway.

Now, about that run. My hip/leg has been bothering my quite a bit since my race on Saturday, so I didn't even let myself attempt to run until last night. And it did not go well. After a pretty good day painwise, I thought maybe I was on the mend for good. But it only took one step to know I was wrong. Because the pain eventually subsided during Saturday's race, I decided to keep going and see if it would subside this time. Then when I stopped briefly so the hubs could take the sweaty picture above and then started running again, I could hardly take a step. IT WAS SO PAINFUL. The hubs reminded me I can walk, so I did. The pain eased up a bit, and I sped up and finished my run. But at 8:30 this morning, I made an appointment with my doc, went in at 10:30, and was diagnosed with a hip flexor strain. I have a massage (the painful kind, not the relaxing kind) scheduled for Saturday morning. My doctor is a runner/triathlete, so he is always awesome about finding the best solution while keeping my race calendar in mind. The last thing he said was "Good luck in St. George!" Ironically, I said those same words to him on one of my last visits just before he did the Ironman there. And he did awesome. So I hope that's a sign.

I am not calling myself injured, but my taper might be a little different than what is printed out and stuck on the board next to Millie. But as long as I can run those 26.2 miles on October 1st, I'll do whatever it takes.


  1. That's a great pic of you in the shirt. Fab u lous.

    What is it about stopping in the middle of a run, then starting up again in pain? Did that this morning. Clearly I shouldn't have waited at the light:) Solution? No stopping.

  2. Are you running STG marathon? I have run it 3 times and it is my favorite. My twin sister (active bands lady) is running it for the first time this year.

    Love your runnerd shirt. I just might need to order one and wear it for my NYC marathon. Fun.

  3. Love the Runnerd shirt and I think any running shirt in pink is pretty much perfect!

  4. LOVE the sweaty pic! I'm going to go check out those shirts now, that's a great price. Good luck with that massage.

  5. Good luck with your rehab. I will be watching for you in Saint George

  6. Yay for a giveaway I love the shirt, i am going to have to check out that website

  7. Good luck with the doc! I hope everything is ok!!

  8. That is a great price for a shirt like that - I'll look into it!

  9. Love that poster up top!

    bummer about the hip flexor. I hope your massage tomorrow helps...I've had a few of those painful not relaxing massages and they're hard to get through but so worth it after wards.

  10. Great lookin' shirt! Good luck with the painful massage. They always help me.

  11. Who are you kidding? You look great mid-run!

    Love the shirt and thanks for th website. That might come in handy for our Tough Mudder team!

    I hope the massage helps work out the issues.

  12. Love that shirt, and you always look great! Hope the pain goes away fast!!

  13. Love the shirt! And that really is a great price! I'm going to go check it out.
    i'm sorry about your hip flexor, but you still have plenty of time before St. George to get it worked out! No worries! You've done all the hard training! You'll be great!


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