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Things I Love Thursday - Running ... with some sauce on top

When my husband left for work, I told him to have fun. His response was, "But I don't get to spend a few hours doing my hobby." That's because he knows my fun plans tonight are 7 miles of speedwork on the treadmill. And I am excited. Hobby, passion, interest, obsession, whatever you want to call it, I love running.

But that's something you already know I love. Today's thing I love was motivated by this Tweet yesterday: "Dear Utah, Your 'fry sauce.' It's freaking gross. Emz"

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I LOVE fry sauce. Fry sauce was a part of my life even before I moved to Utah. While I was growing up, my mom would whip up some fry sauce anytime we had french fries.

What is fry sauce? A mixture of ketchup and mayo. Some places/people use bbq sauce and mayo and then call it ultimate fry sauce. It is mighty tasty too. And if you really want to get crazy, you can ask for some sides of spread at In-N-Out (they have it prepacked just for people like me; it's the same stuff that goes on the burgers) and dip your fries in it. It's basically fry sauce with relish in it. And yes, I'm aware that fry sauce is SOOOO not healthy. I could probably stop eating fried food altogether if there wasn't fry sauce in the world. Did you know it's also awesome with corn dogs?

Have you tried fry sauce? Do you like it?


  1. Not a fan... unless it's on In and Out burgers! :)

  2. I love mayo with my fries! Gotta try fry sauce!

  3. OH MAN... this looks dangerous. Just mayo and ketchup? haha I'm gonna have to try it now!

  4. I am crying in laughter reading this to 44 of my closest family members.

    "ultimate fry sauce".
    Somehow....sounds ultimately grosser.

    Rock the speedwork!!

  5. I'm so glad that you mentioned it with corndogs. I think I'll have a corndog for dinner. After my tempo run (also, I finally got my treadmill fixed - don't ask - and I did speedwork on Tuesday night. and I loved it!)
    P.S. I did the favorite things post... but it's on my personal blog, so...

  6. being British we don't call it fry sauce. We call it Marie Rose sauce.

    It's traditionally eaten with prawns and it's awesome

  7. I love fry sauce! But not from everywhere...only certain spots. I grew up in Ca and every summer when we'd come to visit Ut my mom made sure we stopped at least once at Arctic Circle for fries and sauce! My husband says it's an acquired taste... ;)

  8. The Germans I work with assure me the fries should only be eaten with mayo, so this seems like the natural next step. My mom used to mix ketchup and Miracle Whip and serve it as salad dressing. It was actually pretty tasty.

  9. Didn't know it was called fry sauce.
    You seen Pulp Fiction? They say that in Holland, they dip their fries in mayo.
    So when we took our trip to Disney in 2010, I was being, um, frugal.
    I didn't want to buy any food in the parks, just eat leftovers from the kids. To increase the calories from their leftover fries, I mixed mayo (free) with the ketchup (free), dipped, and wow.
    You're right. Not recommended by Cardiologists, but if you want to be a little frugal and survive at 12 hour day in the parks, on the cheap, load up on the fry sauce!

  10. Fry sauce is strange. I never even heard of it until I met my wife. She went to school in Idaho and I went back with her on a trip a while back and had it. It was okay.

    However, I do make a mean mayo-ketchup mixture. My daughters love it. We just call it poor man's thousand island. So maybe I secretly love fry sauce but don't even know about it :)

  11. I learned about the ketchup & mayo combo when I moved to Florida and some a friend mixed it together for her fries from Chic-Fil-a. I like it and will occasionally still mix it together for fries. Not very often tho. I have to be in the mood for it. And I've never heard it called "fry sauce". You learn something new every day!!

  12. Never heard of this...but now I want fries...badly...

  13. BBQ sauce and Mayo = YUM!

  14. I prefer JUST mayo with my fries. SOOOOO good. I"ve never mixed the two though. Must try.

  15. I am a Utah transplant (we moved here 5 years ago) and while my husband and kids love the, I am not a fan..then again, I don't really care for "special sauce" on my burgers either and it is pretty close to the same thing.

  16. I had never heard of fry sauce before. I'm much more of a ranch dipper, myself.
    I'm so excited you're going to join my Great Big Bloggy Post Exchange - Yay!!

  17. I don't like frysauce either and my family almost disowned me because of it. hehe

  18. I had never heard of fry sauce until I moved to Idaho! I think it's fantastic from some places and not so good from others. I believe Red Robin does the whole mayo/bbq sauce thing and that totally grosses me out! We have a couple of total dive drive ins here with awesome fry sauce though!


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