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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I started the day with five miles on the 'mill. Five great miles while my little Bean camped out on the bed reading her new Minnie Mouse book and occasionally catching a minute or two of Meet the Robinsons (love it).

I didn't get a run in yesterday. But I did do this:

(Don't you love how so many bowling pictures are of people's backsides?!?)

My girls love, love, love bowling. Almost as much as their daddy.

There was also some cake involved yesterday since the bowling outing was part of the hubs' birthday celebration.

And speaking of the husband. He is signed up to run his first race this Saturday. With me. And speaking of firsts, this will be the first race I run pushing my girls in the jogger. Which means it will also be my first race without music.

Since we're on the subject of firsts, it is also my first race of the year and my first race in a long time without any goals except to have fun. And the race is the first of three. We signed up for a 3-race series: a 5K, a 10K and a 15K.

I am excited for our first family run. And who knows ... there just might be another runnerd in the making. By the way, RUNNERD stickers are in the works. Be sure to join the Facebook page and spread the word. I am working on a giveaway for the first batch of stickers.


  1. That's awesome your husband is going to race with you! It'll be a real family day :)

  2. don't you love how far bumper bowling has come along? AND those stands for the kids are genius! We went bowling for a 4 yr old Birthday party and all the kids had so much fun...We love Meet the Robinsons too! Great movie for sure! I pushed a double jogger for a 4 miler last year....there was a little brigade of us..all of our kids had lollipops in their mouths at 8am! (to keep them happy! :) )

  3. I love bowling! What great family time. Can't wait to hear about his race/your race this weekend! Good luck and have fun :-)

  4. Sounds like some great family time at the races. Running without music is good. Good luck to you and your husband, have tons of fun!

  5. So many firsts! Great the whole family will be involved.

  6. YAY family time!

    YAY butt photos!

    YAY runnerd stickers. I . need. one.

  7. hello, nice post ^_^, nice to know u

  8. Yay for Runnerds stickers!!! Sounds exciting! :0)
    Good luck with the 3 part race series! That's really awesome! I would love to be able to get my husband out there running with me...he just isn't interested!


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