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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Runner Bean

I like to run while The Princess is at preschool so I can run outside but only have to push the single jogger. My Bean loves our runs because she gets to hang out with Mom, eat snacks, watch movies on my iPod (and sometimes sleep). She never asks to get out; she just enjoys the ride.

(Wednesday's run. Calm, 40 degrees, snow flurries. Perfect.)

When I go running with both my girls, The Princess always wants to get out and run at some point. My little Bean will get out and run a few steps, but she usually sticks pretty close to me. For her, it isn't about the running. She just wants to get out because her sister is out. And she half-heartedly runs because her sister is running. Then the other day, she randomly brought me her "running shoes" and put them to good use. (Don't mind the rest of her outfit. She got some big girl panties -sorry EMZ- that day and didn't want to wear anything over them. Luckily she was okay wearing her diaper under them.)

She might just be a little runner after all.


  1. She's adorable! And yeah, a single stroller is so much better than a double! What a good example you are to both of your girls. Really, it will stick with them and they'll be healthier all their lives for it.

  2. Too cute!! :0) She looks like she's having fun!

  3. so cute! I just read the part about her watching movies while you run to my husband and he said, "I want to be her, have someone push me around outside while I'm watching movies!"

  4. CUTE! When my girlie was little she would do the same thing, "I'm runnin a marason Mom!"
    They grow up WAAAAY too fast!

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! So adorable!

  6. I ran once with the kid. He wanted out in about a minute and never wanted back in again. He always wanted to run... he is 3 now and already has 4 medals from running races... We have different training schedules now, but we both fit it in. AND the silly bugger wants to run barefoot. Imagine.

  7. Definitely a runner in the making! Great photos!

  8. So lucky. Mid-day bean runs with, I agree, perfect fall weather (meanwhile we just got hit by El Nino or something). Snow flurries before Thanksgiving are a dream of mine.
    And how do you get such great post-run pics? Tripod staged in the garage?
    As far as those crazy kitchen sprinting pics, all I can think is Oh No! Now you won't have either kid sitting still in the jogger! Of course, as future runners, they have a great example to follow.

  9. NICE! Does her face freeze? My jogger doesn't have a zip-shield so I'm afraid my son's face would get too cold. BTW - I included your link for fellow Runnerds in my post today. ;)

  10. She is already a runner! Great pictures.


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