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Fear the Beard

I had a request today to run with my girls. The Princess wants to look for grasshoppers. Last week, we saw dozens of grasshoppers during a run, and then The Princess found one in the backyard the other day and asked me to catch it in a jar. So I did.

My girls were fascinated and entertained by the grasshopper for hours. The Princess named it Avrie Hallie Emma Sophie Gracie Candice after her favorite friends at school (and me!); her dad suggested we call it Hopper for short. After Hopper spent the night with us, I suggested we let Hopper go (after seeing how much poop – at least that’s what I think it was – a grasshopper could produce in one night). After some initial resistance, I told the girls Hopper’s family was probably worried about him/her, and they decided to set it free. So today we will venture out to find another grasshopper or two that would like to spend the night at our house (and experience some mild torture as the girls press their faces against the glass and constantly shake it down when it tries to climb up the side of the jar).

The upcoming grasshopper hunt/run is much needed after the weekend of Halloween cookies and candy. I’m not a fan of scary, bloody, gory things, so Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday. Why can’t everyone dress up in happy, warm, cuddly costumes? That’s (kind of) what we did at our house. And it is quite remarkable that everyone at our house donned a costume this year. It is the first time the hubby and I have dressed up on Halloween since we got married (and probably many years before that as well). The girls' and hubs' costumes were more specific while mine was kind of generic but still fun. Can you tell who we all are??

Hope you all had a great Halloween! Now onto the holidays I do LOVE.


  1. The costumes are wonderful!

    You are in a league of your own ;) in that get-up girl!


    Oh and I HATE - HATE - HATE grasshoppers. I'll take a snake over a grasshopper.

  2. I think the grasshopper's full name is fantastic.

    Love the costumes. You all look great!

  3. My kids used to do that with fireflies - the bugs would miraculously escape in the middle of the night. Crazy how that happened - the kids thought fireflies were magic. Hey, they make light out of nothing, they escape confinement - magic, right? :)

    Love the costumes, and I'm with you - NOT a fan of scary Halloween!

  4. Great costumes! We used to catch fireflies as kids, too.

  5. great costumes! My husband wore a chad pennington jersey while I wore his Al Toon jersey from when he was 10. That's about as festive as we got for the holiday.

  6. So fun!!! I actually had my first experience with Just For Men dye! My hubby was Brian Wilson for Halloween too and happens to be on leave from the Army so he has a beard. So lucky me I got to dye it Jet Black! So funny! But none of these North Caronlina peeps got it. Oh well, I was entertained by it!

    And grasshoppers are fun! We have had a few grasshopper sleepovers!

  7. CUTE costumes! Looks and sounds like y'all had a fun Halloween! :0)

  8. Fun costumes! I half wondered if I would see you at the race this past Saturday. Sad I didn't!

  9. very cute and charming costumes...

  10. Cute costumes!

    BW loves chasing grasshoppers, too.

  11. I don't think I could remember a grasshopper's name if it was that long!

  12. Adorable costumes!! :)
    Yeah, grasshoppers are evil. Ha. They are everywhere right now - ugh!

  13. We love bugs! And letting him go back to his family was great!

    Awesome costumes. I agree, nice costumes are better than icky scary ones.

  14. For those genetically capable of being a San Fran fan, that BW costume rules. I saw his beard vs. no-beard pictures during the Series, just freaky.
    As for you rocking Kit or Dottie there, I can't tell you how many times we watched that movie when I was a kid. And, I had actually taught the kids their locker room song this past summer.
    Your kids' costumes are so pretty. Looks like your bean can get another year out of Minnie.
    You put forth a good effort for a second-tier holiday.
    As for your insects, I can send you a few stink bugs. They LOVE being indoors :-(

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