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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Three Things Thursday - Photo Edition

1. The Princess started preschool on Monday. She literally couldn't have been more excited. Some of the excitement had to do with her new clothes. While the Princess was at school, I took advantage of the cooler temps and the chance to push the single jogger and took my little Bean on a run. While running, she looked up at me from the jogger at least a dozen times and asked, "Sissy?"

2. I told you my pictures from the Hobble Creek Half would probably show exactly how I felt. Here's the proof:

This was the best smile I could manage when I saw the photographer.

3. I've had some great runs since my Hobble Creek learning experience. I ran an easy three on Monday and another slightly faster three yesterday, both with the single jogger. On Tuesday, I got in some cross training on the bike and some HARD core.

While she does miss her sister, I think my Bean enjoys her single jogger runs. This was how she kicked back in her jammies and made the most of it last night. And yes, she now has an orange and yellow cast. Her sister wasn't there to influence her to choose pink or purple, and she was determined that it be orange and yellow.

RUN: Planning on six miles on the treadmill while the girls nap today. And I am trying to figure out how to get a 16-miler done either tomorrow or Saturday without the hubby here since he will be hunting. Somehow I will get it done.


  1. Good luck. Sounds like you've got it all planned!

  2. "Proof" - I get it. Ha!

  3. The that first day outfit! and every kids should rock pjs in the jogger!

    I love the proof, teehee.

    I hope you work out that 16 miler.

  4. Tell your little one that I like her choice in cast colors! Good luck getting your long run in.

  5. I love the first day outfit and Bean's cute little orange and yellow cast colors.

  6. I have to say it: you look great in that photo. Hot and tired, yes, but still running!
    The story about Bean looking for her sissy is SO sweet!! Good luck fitting in your long run.

  7. Bean kicking it back in her stroller is awesome. :)
    Good luck on your long run.

  8. Your little gal is so cute! School is good isn't it? I can't wait, but at the same time I can. Good luck on 16 this week. Get r done!

  9. Check it out... I gave you award on my blog! Have a great week!

  10. St. George is creeping up on us! You are going to do really well -- you are putting in the miles!

  11. What a cool outfit for first day of school. And in pic #3, I like how the cast is coordinated with her pants. Hope her arm is healing well, little kids are pretty resilient.

    With my daughter starting Kindergarten this week, we also had to break up the party. Fortunately, school is primarily during my son's naptime, but he's certainly cried more than her this week. I have noticed, though, that they appreciate their playtime even more (at least awarding us with less fighting!), so I hope your girls find a similar silver lining.

  12. Great post and pictures.Good luck to more of your run!!!


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