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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Run With My Girls

First she took pictures while I ran...

Then she ran...

Then her sister wanted to run but was a little hesitant...

But she couldn't resist...

And she was very proud of herself when she was finished!

RUN: I told The Princess this could be our last double jogger run because they are getting too big and it's getting harder to push them. She told me: "I won't tell my kids it is the last time because I am a good mom to my babies and I am stronger than you." Well okay then.


  1. Kids say the darnest things.
    Love the pictures. You have some adorable girls. :)

  2. Now you must archive this blog post for posterity and when your daughter comes to you 20 years from and mentions the kids are "too big to push around on a run" you can show her this.

  3. Adorable! A new runner in training. :)

  4. That is hilarious! Love it! Can't wait for my little girl to start telling me that I'm slacking!

  5. So cute!! Love the pics! Kids sure say the funniest things!!!!!!

  6. Ha! Are you sure that your Princess and my Dizzle aren't related?

  7. She took really good pictures! I love that view!! I am jealous, I wish I had a view of the mountains like that. What she said is so funny! kids are so "matter-of-fact...I guess I told you"

  8. Well, you've got the extra weight of the cast on your little one. I know (unfortunately from experience) that once it comes off, the load is a little bit lighter.

    And tire pressure. Huge.
    Usually if you have the right tire pressure, especially on a flat trail, it should almost be effortless.

    Great pictures, you live in a beautiful area.

  9. I want to run there! How beautiful. It's so satisfying to see our children move and run and have fun. Yours could be a family of great runners! Good to get such an early start. Thanks for sharing that adorable little girl with us!

  10. Sooo funny!! Our kids love the double jogger runs, but they are over 90lbs combined not including stroller.. Maybe hubs and I can get single strollers and run in tandem.

    SUCH CUTE pictures!

  11. They are so cute!! Looks like a beautiful run!

  12. Gorgeous pics and a cute little girl! She's going to be a runner one of these days! (And she will be VERY strong. hehe). So cute.

  13. This is the sweetest post! Love the photos. I think your daughter is right. Think of that great upper body workout you are getting. It's like two workouts in one! ;-)

    ..okay, my jogger is just a single. Now they can ride bikes while you run.

  14. Nice run with your girls, I love the pictures too. Your girls will be a future runners too.


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