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Runners come in all shapes, sizes and speeds. We are one of the most unique groups of people I have ever been able to call myself a part of, and that is one of the things I love about us. The community of runners I have found in the blog world is a group of accepting, caring, encouraging people who have a shared passion for this crazy thing we all do.

For the most part, I have experienced the same thing when I line up for a race. I am surrounded by people skinnier, fatter, shorter, taller, older, younger. Yet here we all are, united by running. And although I am often a little intimidated, the feeling has always been created within myself and never as a result of the people around me.

I realize we are all human and have different personalities and insecurities, but I was still disappointed when I heard the conversation going on between two women in front of me in the port-a-potty line at my last race. They were taking turns making fun of a woman in the line next to us. Fortunately they were quiet enough that the woman couldn't hear them, but I could. And it made me sad. And mad.

I had noticed the woman in the other line as well. We were on the same bus up to the start. The reason I noticed her was because I was thinking how cute her hair looked in pigtails and thinking I should try that, except my hair is probably too long to look cute or be functional that way, but she can pull it off and she is at least twenty years older than me, but maybe I should cut my hair before I try it, and yada, yada, yada.

I realize some people make fun of others because they themselves are insecure. I admit I probably fall into this category sometimes, yet I try to keep my thoughts to myself or vent to my husband in private. Others do it because they actually think they are better than other people. Whatever the reason, I was disappointed in these women. If you have to rip other people apart, save it for your "friends" at book club or girls night out. Don't bring it to the race. We are runners. We are better than that.

RUN: I am on the hunt for the perfect headband. I am tired of buying a pack of three "sport" headbands at the grocery store and then fiddling with them over and over again during my runs and then needing to replace them every few months because they stretch out. The only reason I keep buying them is because they are cheap. So if I am going to spend $10-15 on one headband, I want it to be awesome. Let me know if you have any recommendations!


  1. SweatyBands, for sure - they are completely awesome and I love them! They're not cheap, but they are 100% worth it.
    It's such a bummer to hear runners cut each other down. Every time I go to a race I look around at all the different sizes, ages and shapes and think, "Damn, every one of these people is going to cross the same Finish Line as me!"

  2. Bondi Bands.

    You can get cute ones with sayings or nice patterned ones or solid color ones.

    They help keep the sweat from running into my eyes and they keep my hair out of my face without falling off of my head.

  3. I'm in tune with what you write.

    (But I'm probably one of the targets of the humor LOL!)

  4. Spectating Spike at the CRIM this past weekend I was lined up next to some less than athletic people making fun of the way some runner's run and how sweaty they are and blah, blah, blah and it took all my restraint to not turn around and say, "Hey fatty at least they're out there doing something!"

    So frustrating! I applaud anyone, no matter what they look like, shape, weight, height, etc... that gets out there and tries. Women are the worst because they are so catty to each other and its a shame.

    As for headbands, I second the Bondi Band. LOVE them and they come in lots of colorful designs! (Although I find the solid colors hold my fine hair the best without slipping)

  5. That sucks. :( It's not nice of people to be rude like that. I've noticed runners of all body types and shapes and I have the reverse reaction: I see a chubby runner and I feel a sense of pride for them! They are trying. They are running! That's awesome! Who cares if they aren't skinny or fast? I'm not skinny OR fast, but I still run. And I'm pretty good!

  6. I hate hearing people talk about people because I know I'm next. I know if a friend talks about someone behind their back there is no way she won't talk about me behind my back. Not really a friend. You make some great points!!

  7. I've learned not to prejudge anyone else at a race from their "looks" because I've been beat plenty of times by people that I would have guessed couldn't "really" run, and I've passed and beat others that looked much more fit than I do... and it's rude to talk about other people, especially when you're not in a private setting.

  8. well said, Candice, I appreciate your heart.

  9. I totally agree with you, Candice.
    Talking bad about other people at a race shows a lack of good sportsmanship and a lack of proper values. We are all runners. And true runners encourage and support and never bring down another runner.

  10. How sad that those women felt the need to make fun of other person, especially a fellow "runner." Like you said, runners come in all shapes and sizes and abilities. That is what makes our sport great!!!!!!

  11. Anyone that shows up to a race deserves credit. For some of us that is the hardest part! Good post.

  12. Great post! I agree with you 100 percent.

    As for headbands: check out my etsy page:

    Like sweaty bands but cheaper

  13. Too bad about those two runners! Fortunately, most runners would never act that way.

    I never wear headbands - I stick all of my bangs up underneath my cap.

  14. That's horrible about those comments - I probably have people talking about me all the time (I'm one of those "larger" runners) but dammit, I'm out there too, running the same race and the same distance as everyone else. Isn't that what matters most??

    As far as headbands go - I love, love, LOVE my Bondibands. I haven't tried sweatybands yet though.

  15. I have a Bondi Band giveaway going on right now :)

  16. I like to take those opportunities to jump right into the conversation and bring the jerks back to earth.
    You're absolutely right, particularly at a race it should be a community spirit, everyone getting along. In fact, whenever you read info aimed at new runners, they encourage enjoying the atmosphere at the race, one of the perks.
    Fortunately, there are far more cool people in the running world that outweigh the losers.

  17. How sad for those girls. People are a little shocked when I say I'm a runner with my big boobs and big waistline..... but if I tell a runner that I'm a runner, they're not shocked at all! Runners are usually so accepting and I'm kinda shocked to hear your story, but I guess "those" people can be runners, too.

    Oh, go for the Bondi Band.... I love mine, and they're wide enough to cover your ears if you need to keep them warm when it's cold out!

  18. I hate that. Really do. I have no patience for making fun of someone, especially when there putting themselves out there with everyone else. No room in this sport for a-holes.

  19. some people! luckily most runners aren't like that.

    try sweaty bands or something similar with the velvet lining. bondi bands slip too much for my liking.

  20. That's pretty sad that those women had to make fun of someone on race day. How's about applauding each other for just being out there and running? People are juvenile and silly. Nice post!

  21. I can't believe they did that and didn't care that others in their line were hearing them. Why make fun of pigtails? I think they are cute!

    I have a Bondi Band giveaway going on now on my blog. I usually have no luck with headbands because they always slip off my head, but the Bondi Band stayed put for my entire run last weekend. I will definitely be getting some more!

  22. That sucks. One of the thing I love about runners, especially blogging runners, is their supportive nature! So glad those two girls were the exception and not the rule.

    Winks & Smiles,

  23. That is frustrating!!! I hope you have a wonderful week :)

  24. I use sweatybands and I LOVE them. They have super cute/colorful headbands that don't slip off! I agree with the other post. They aren't cheap, but they are totally worth it!

  25. I use sweatybands and I LOVE them. They have super cute/colorful headbands that don't slip off! I agree with the other post. They aren't cheap, but they are totally worth it!

  26. I would be really dissappointed. Bondibands are great...and I know a lot of people are making Sweaty-band type headbands, halo headbands are super for keeping the sweat out of the eyes. All depends on if you are going for cute or function.. I still think visors are the best for running.

  27. Gee that sounds like they could have been talking about ME. Probably not but I'd rather people talk about me and not someone else. (Because I don't care what they'd say anyway)


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