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Monday, August 9, 2010


I read an article about Julia Roberts' weight gain while filming Eat Pray Love. It was an interesting article, other than one little part that bugged me:

"Julia, who has maintained her slim physique while juggling a high-profile
career and being the mom of three, managed to train for a 13.5-mile half
marathon while shooting the film in India last summer."

13.5?? Really??

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  1. Hahahah!! The media usually gets those distances wrong. Like the Ironman swim distances is 21 miles as reported on the Today show.

  2. I wouldn't want to run a 13.5 mile half marathon, but if it was one of those 13.5 full marathons, then sign me up!

  3. That would bug me too! Ooof! Edit!

  4. Bwahahahaha! Idiots... but that cracks me up. They couldn't be bothered to research?

  5. Good for Julia for doing the work. Bad for the copy editor who didn't have the facts checked.

  6. hmmm... I have been asked on more than one occasion, "How far is THAT marathon?"

  7. I used to be a copy editor. Haha. Copy editing has taken a backslide. Now editors want designs and fillers to win awards and rake in more advertising dollars.

    I was looking for Vietnamese spring roll recipe this weekend and found on a reputable site that says "Thai spring roll." Hmm.. so not accurate. You would think they would have checked the origin of the spring rolls before they filmed the segment.


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