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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Three Things Thursday - Two Miles Edition

1 - I ran two miles today. Tomorrow would have marked two weeks since my last run. I decided to try two miles today and move up to three miles tomorrow if everything felt good. And everything felt good. While I've learned to appreciate the bike a little more in the past two weeks, there is nothing like a run. I am looking forward to three miles tomorrow, and then I will evaluate how far to run on Saturday.

2 - Your comments, suggestions and encouragement were AMAZING and exactly what I needed to get my shin pain gone, gone, gone. Lots of shin/calf strengthening and some rockin' new compression leg sleeves have really helped things get back to normal. My goal for the next 85 days is to train smart and stay healthy.

3 - I went without Internet for almost a week AGAIN. They finally came and fixed it this morning. If I haven't stopped by your blog lately, that is why. I have missed so much and can't wait to read about all the running done over the holiday weekend!

RUN: The Princess has been telling everyone she is a runner lately. She got some new gymnastics clothes that she specifically chose because they look like things I wear running. The other day, she put on her "running clothes" and had me say "ready, set, go runner" over and over again as she ran up and down the sidewalk.


  1. That is a GREAT picture. Gotta love it when the kids pick up your good habits. I know I've gotten in trouble when they've picked up some of my less-desirable habits/language.

    Glad that your shins are doing well. Definitely hoping you can stay healthy.

  2. That is so cool about your daughter!!! Glad to hear about the shin getting better.

  3. She is totally rocking the pink-themed lifestyle.

  4. So glad the shin pain is a thing of the past! Your daughter is adorable.

  5. I'm glad your shin pain is gone, gone, gone. Your daughter looks like she is a very stylish runner. I love stories like that.

  6. So glad to hear your shin is feeling better!! Love the cute pic and story of your runner girl. :-)

  7. Training the next generation. AWESOME!! I have been out of bloggy land also.. URGH! hugs!


  8. Just found your blog! Great job on your recent 2 miles. I hope your next run goes well for you too. I read you had been having some shin pain?

    I loved the little story of your "princess." I have three little girls that love to mimic their mom running.


  9. You're right, there's nothing like a run. Glad you felt good on your 2 miles!


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