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Rockin' My Socks and Shoes

Saturday I ran the Rock Your Socks (Virtual) 10K. I ran my "race" on the treadmill while my girls cheered me on. It wasn't a typical run for me because I was testing out new shoes. I tried three different pairs, two miles in each. Also, because this was my "long" run, I wanted to keep my pace a little slower and went with how my legs felt. I also found that when I went faster, I paid less attention to how the shoes felt.

My midge had a definite shoe favorite, insisting these make me "speedy":

She was also a fan of the (Brooks Launch's) bright yellow with purple laces. The color scheme took some getting used to on my part, but they were my favorite on my feet so they are keepers. I am also keeping the Mizuno Wave Rider 13s. It was tough deciding between the Mizunos and the Asics, but the girl at the store suggested I keep the Mizunos if I couldn't decide because the Asics and Brooks are very similar and the Mizunos would be a good change for my feet and legs since I would be alternating between the pairs.

I ran my Rock Your Socks 10K/Shoe Test in 58:20 (9:24 pace). I told you I wasn't there to set any records, but it was fun to run "with" the other racers this weekend!

While I was tearing it up on the treadmill, my cousin ran her first 5K on Saturday. She rocked it in 30:31. She was shooting for under 45 minutes and just killed it. This is the cousin that watched my girls during my last few races. I'm hoping we can run something together soon! I thought about stealing her post-race photo off Facebook, but I'm not sure she would appreciate that. However she looked like she didn't even break a sweat in all the photos. I'm thinking she might be the new Runner Barbie.

In non-running news, my little Rowdy boy walked up to me yesterday morning looking like this:

Because he has cataracts in both eyes and is high-risk for glaucoma, I was pretty concerned. We spent the afternoon (and $600) at his eye doctor's office. After an ultrasound and several other tests, we went home with a detached retina diagnosis and five prescriptions. His vision was already somewhat limited in that eye, but now it's completely gone. The retina may reattach by itself, but there are no guarantees. Either way, we'll just keep doing whatever it takes to keep the little guy happy and healthy.

Now I'm off to get my girls geared up to play in the snow. Last night we talked about going swimming today, but the plan changed when we woke to over an inch of snow on the ground.

Wednesday is a big day 'round here so be sure to check back!

RUN: Put together my marathon training plan over the weekend. Training officially starts June 14th, the week after my half marathon.


  1. That is crazy that you got so much snow!!!

  2. Are you going to share your training plan? I'd love to read it!

  3. Oh, don't you just love Utah spring weather?? Yeah, I don't either.
    Nice job on the 10K on a treadmill!

  4. I hope puppy is better soon!

    Great rock your socks run.

    (my verification word is sockisis, funny)

  5. Never heard of a Virtual 10k before, but that's a really cool idea. Realizing more and more that my marathon training was really in a vacuum, and there's a whole world of running out there that I need to tap into.

    Sorry to hear about your dog's eye. We've only had our puppy for 5 months, but when she got sick lately it got us all in a funk. Amazing how quickly and how heavily you get attached. I hope he's doing better, and hope that retina finds a way to reattach.

  6. Glad you got your run in with some cheerleading! I like your number too.

    Hope the pooch is feeling better!

  7. Frickin' snow should be outlawed in May.

  8. Wow on the snow! I remember when we lived in Utah and had just planted the garden. A week later (the first week of June) it snowed!

    Sorry to hear about Rowdy Boy.

    Great job on the 10k on the treadmill! You rock!

  9. I only ran the 5 K because of the inspiration from the original Barbie Runner! You are seriously an inspirtation!!! Congrats on getting the shoes~

  10. You got snow? I'm jealous!
    Hope that the shoes end up working well for you, and that the pup is ok (amazing how quick vet bills add up!)

  11. Awww...poor little puppy. I love that you are doing what you can to take care of the little sweetie! I'm a dog lover too!

    Congrats, you were the winner of my $40 gift certificate to The Silver Maple! E-mail me and we'll work out the details!!

  12. LOL it's so weird hearing people talking about snow since I'm in orlando lol. Can't wait to see your marathon training plan!

  13. Rowdy is so cute.

    Nice shoes!!!

  14. Girl! Can I have your legs?! You are smokin'!


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