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I'm exhausted. Mentally.

Physically, I am doing pretty good. In fact, my running is the one thing keeping me going mentally. Running gives me that little endorphin kick that puts me back in action mentally.

I actually decided to write a quick post as a "break" from everything else. I pushed aside my guilt about being so far behind on blog reading and on writing blog posts for my family blog because writing this would result in a shorter break than attempting either of those things. I haven't been totally out of the blogging world lately, but I haven't left comments because I haven't yet found a magical way to leave comments through Google Reader without having to open each individual blog (please tell me if you know of such magic). I will admit I am ridiculously behind though. My apologies to your 804 unread posts in my Reader. I appreciate you reading my blog in spite of the fact that I have been so delinquent when it comes to reading yours. I will get there eventually, I promise.

In the meantime, I have made a decision about my marathon. I will not be running it. No, not even attempting a run/walk. Although my knees have been much better lately, I have decided a marathon with a lot of downhill is not the right thing right now. Especially since I don't feel prepared otherwise. As I considered my options, there was no way I would get to the race with any runs longer than 16 miles under my belt, and that just wasn't going to cut it. I will go pick up my number and my shirt, but I won't be joining the other runners at the starting line. I have tried contacting someone about volunteering or other options, but no one ever calls me back. So not running it is the way it will go down.

With that decision made, I can now looking forward to what is ahead for me and running. I added a new race to my schedule, the Utah Valley Half Marathon on June 12. I think it is the perfect timing and distance for where I am right now. I am really excited to run it, partly because my cousin is running it too. I also talked to the race director, and his insight made me even more excited. But I'll save that for another post.

RUN: I can't figure out why I get blisters over and over again on the bottom of my foot where the arrow is pointing in this picture:


  1. I think it's great that you truly listened to your body and decided against the marathon. Half marathons are a GREAT distance to train for, my personal favorite. I was forced to listen to my body when I wanted to get pregnant. I was so psyched after running my first marathon in 2005, and I so badly wanted to do another, but I/we were having fertility issues so I really had to listen to my gut and run shorter distances to keep my body healthy for a baby. A little different from you scenario, but the same in having to listen when your body says 26.2 is too much. As for the blister - do you use that body glide stuff on your feet and wear blister-prevention socks? And as for Google reader, I had NO IDEA you could comment from the Reader so I'd love to learn how to do this too!!

  2. I tried Body glide on my feet while it was still cold out, but Sport Slick worked like MAGIC in the heat - was easier to apply to my feet, too. I love it. I even accidently ran through a giant puddle, soaking my socks and shoes on mile 4 of my 18-miler the other day, and I didn't get any blisters. (Whoohooo!)

    I'm proud of you for listening to your body. Always the best call. Well done!

    We all get behind on reading/commenting. Don't beat yourself up. :)

  3. I just switched shoes recently and have now managed to get blisters on any run over 5 miles, despite use of glide/bandaid products/sportslick, etc.

    I have come to the conclusion after discussing it with fellow runners and colleagues that the shoe is not right for my foot...I normally push off of my big toe (I have a forefoot whip, in clinical terms) and the seam of the shoe (between the actual shoe and the bottom insert) seems to hit that same spot, so I get a friction burn/blister there.

    Sure enough - I ran in my old shoes today, blister msotly healed, and absolutely no problem.

    So my advice would be to try new shoes, different shoes (different brand). That can also help your knee too.

  4. That's a tough call to have to make but probably for the best. Take care, and I hope you will feel better (physically and mentally) soon! If you figure out how to comment from Reader, I'd love to know as well. As for the blisters, I swear by Bodyglide.

  5. Good for you for listening to your body!

    I agree with the others on the Body Glide - I also switched socks and this has helped with the blisters quite a bit.

  6. Oh no! That sucks. I feel your pain. Nothing worse than realizing that after everything you have done the best thing to do is to stand on the sideline.

  7. Making the decision not to run is often harder than deciding to do it in the first place!! I hope that with that off your back, you can just enjoy your runs as a way to unwind from life.

    Agree with Michelle try some vasoline or glide in that area of your shoe....and are you wearing good socks?

  8. I know you are disappointed, but you made the right decision and you listened to your body. Try Dry Max socks.... they work wonders for feet that get blisters. Oh, and don't use dryer sheets or any Body Glide with them. Bob from Dry Max emailed me and told me that specifically. Good luck!

  9. Listening to your body is SO important. It sucks to have to back out but it will probably mean that the Utah Valley half will be a great race for you!

  10. You're very smart. And that's a hard thing to do when you really want to do something. It's weird they won't contact you back about volunteering. You'd think they'd jump all over that!
    I used to get a blister in the same spot but only during the marathon. Since then I switched socks to Wright socks and didn't have a problem during the last marathon. I was surprised. It's worth a shot anyway!

  11. It is good to listen to your body! You can run your marathon another time when things are better.

    I get blisters there on one foot as well. But...only with certain socks and shoes. Have you used body glide there? Different socks? Tightening/loosening your laces? Different shoes? I hope you figure out what your blisters are from.


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