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I finally made it to 100 posts. It took me almost a year, but I did it. To celebrate, I decided to let you guide how this post would go by answering your questions. Here are the answers to most of the questions I received. There were two questions that I just couldn't answer in a few sentences, so I decided to answer them individually in later posts. So Jesse's and Lauren's answers are still to come.

Shannon said...
If you could change one physical thing about yourself, what would it be?
I first put I would change the weird area above my belly button on my stomach, but I realized I would change my entire midsection overnight if I could. I would love to have a tight little six pack and none of that extra stuff hanging around my waist. In fact, I decided yesterday that a nice set of abs is what I'm giving myself for my birthday. I have six months to get it. Luckily the one physical thing I would change is something I can get without surgery.

On a rainy day, what would we find you doing?:)
What I would love to do on a rainy day is read for hours on end. If it's a warm rainy day, a run would be perfect. But with two little girls, those things rarely happen. Rainy days are pretty much like every other day at our house.

April said...
What is the hardest thing you have ever had to do?
Be a mom. It is the best but hardest thing I have ever done. Making the decision to become a mom is not something I took lightly. And my husband would tell you I am really hard on myself as a mom. I have the amazing opportunity to be home with my girls, and I feel I owe it to my girls, to their dad, and to myself to do the best job possible. There are many nights I lay in bed obsessing about things I wish I had done differently that day. While there are obviously some wrong ways to be a parent, unfortunately there isn't a perfect or right way to be a parent. It is a day-to-day learning experience, and I just hope I am doing more right than wrong and that the women my girls become will reflect that.

misszippy said...
What kind of writing do you do?
I used to write mostly entertainment and fitness articles; I have also contributed to books about sports and relationships. After being the editor of a construction publication for several years, I started doing more construction writing. I edit all types of material, from books to articles to PR materials.

Suzy said...
Best run?
My last race, the Spectrum 10K. I met my goal and felt the best I ever have during and after the race!

Fun run?
I don't hang around very long after any of my races, so the ones that stand out are purely because the run was fun. I ran the Freedom Festival 5K one year and the 10K another year, and both of those were a lot of fun because you run along the same route where the 4th of July parade will be held immediately following the race so there are a TON of spectators cheering on the runners.

Salt or sugar?
Both. I like something sweet after I eat, ideally something baked that has frosting on it. I'm not a big candy person though. I can go for salty almost anytime. I could live on chips and homemade salsa.

Do you have a vice?
Procrastination. I put things off. Some of my best work is done when I'm under pressure or pushing a deadline though, so I don't think that vice is going anywhere too soon. With running, my procrastination solution is always having a race on the calendar.

Group or solo runner?
Solo, although I love races because of the feeling of running with a group of people with a common goal. Also the one run I did with a group (and Alicia) was awesome. Solo is more a matter of circumstance.

Do you listen to music while you run?
Yes. I especially can't imagine doing speedwork without it. I even listen to music while I have the (muted) TV on sometimes when running on the treadmill because the music is more motivating than anything on TV. I almost didn't sign up for a race once because the rules said iPods were not permitted.

What kind of music?
A little of everything. Except rap.

What exercise don't you like?
Organized sports with balls. I am afraid of getting hit by the ball.

Favorite magazine?
I used to subscribe to about eight different magazines. Now I just read Runners World (of course) and Entertainment Weekly.

Alicia said...
What is your proudest moment?
The moment my first daughter was born and I became a mom.

Sunflower Kisses said...
Best run?
(See Suzy's question)

Proudest running moment?
The first time I saw my hubby and girls during a race.

Disappointed running moment?
Having to walk so much during the last part of my marathon because of my knees.

What do you do to fight disappointment?
I vent on my blog and get feedback and encouragement from amazing runners who know what I am going through or who know exactly what I need to hear.

Any running-related injuries?
My knees: ITB issues in the left and tendonitis in the right.

Michelle said...
Proudest moment?
(See response to Alicia)

Any vices?
(See response to Suzy)

Favorite running gear?
My Garmin and my iPod. I haven't found any clothes I can't live without.

Favorite thing to eat after a run?
Anything over four miles ends with chocolate milk (although technically that is a drink).

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...
How much money can writers truly make? Just curious??
If you are Stephen King, you make a butt-ton of money. If you are Runner Barbie, you make considerably less. However, the point of this post is honesty so I'll be more specific. I can't tell you what butt-ton translates to in dollars, but I can tell you what this writer makes. For smaller editing projects, I typically charge around $35/hr. For writing projects, I charge between $0.50-$1.00/word depending on the client, type of work, research involved, etc. I also do work as a project editor, where I manage content gathering, organization, editing and sometimes writing; for those I get $1000-$1500 per project.

I work on a project-by-project basis, and I am lucky to get to pick and choose what I do and how much I take on. My husband goes above and beyond as the bread winner in our home so I don't have to work; I GET to work.

RUN: The place I get the sweatiest when I run is under the cross straps I wear below my knees. I actually had sweat running down my calves yesterday.


  1. Great blog post. Really enjoy your writing - both your style and your openness. Had my first PT session today for IT Band and knee tendonitis issues, so your injury battles really hit home. Hopefully we both find some relief. Hang in there.

  2. Great post! Great answers!

    I've always been a procrastinator, too. In college, I was the person working 4 hours on a paper that was due in the 5th hour.

  3. Great stuff...thanks for sharing. I can relate to what you are saying about writing. I freelance from home and it's a great lifestyle. That said, it's also a hard market these days! I think you have your balance in life down quite nicely!

  4. I loved reading more about you!! Congrats on making it to 100 posts.

  5. I love this post. So interesting to learn these things about you. I would change my entire midsection as well.

  6. congrats on the 100 posts! i love reading everything...there is so much we have in common. i have been wanting to change my midsection too. by the way...i love reading stephen king! thanks for recommendation.

  7. I love reading your feelings about being a mom. It really is a pretty amazing thing! It was fun reading more about you!

  8. Loved reading everthing about you :) I hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Agreed all music but rap pretty much works for me, oh and no serious heavy metal.

    I am a nutty sweater, i think it runs down pretty much everywhere

  10. I loved learning about you :) can't wait to see the answer to my question :D

    keep blogging runner barbie! :D


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