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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Talking to Myself

I'm usually pretty healthy, so I hate to get on here and moan about being sick after I already complained about my "injured" knees for the past month. But I have been sick, so what can I do? I've had some sinus problems and a headache for over a week so I went to the doctor (something I normally only do a few times a year but have now done twice in the past month) and found out I have fluid in my ears, which is causing the sinus problems and my terrible ear pain; and I have some ribs out of alignment, causing my the headache and stiff, sore neck. A few days, some ear numbing drops, some nasty nasal spray for the sinus pressure, and meds for my neck and head later, I am feeling pretty good. Good = I feel like I can safely go for a run and my head will not explode all over the sidewalk. So a run is on the tomorrow's agenda after I drop off my 3-year-old (still thinking of something to call my girls on here; suggestions welcome!) at preschool. I love running in the cold weather, but it is windy and really COLD today so I hope it warms up just a little or I might have to bury my little one under blankets and put the rain cover on the stroller to keep out the wind.

Now for the non-running stuff. I have been asked about my writing a few times so I decided to share a little more about what I do when I am not playing house. Before I was a mommy, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. I started freelance writing while looking for a job writing or editing. I got a job and worked as a technical writer for a few years and then as an editor for McGraw-Hill. While working full-time, I continued my freelance work on the side. Since having kids, I have continued writing and now do a lot of freelance editing as well. I have written for local and national magazines, newspapers and Web sites and have contributed to two books (one on extreme sports and the other on dating). I have written about sports, fitness, pregnancy, entertainment and construction (no running yet, but I hope to change that sooner than later). I just finished editing a 100-page book but also edit things like press releases, other media tools, and a lot of Internet content. That is just a glimpse of my writing life. I could go on and on, but I'm sure some of you stopped reading already and now I am just talking to myself, so I'll stop.


  1. So once I have my book all ready to go I will send it your way for some pro-bono editting?? Huh Huh??

    Sorry you are not feeling well!!

    Girls= Cupcakes, Angels, Peaches, Little Ladies, hmmm that is all I have... sorry not the best ideas

  2. Just voted for you again!! Sorry you are feeling glad, and hoping you got to the bottom of it!!

  3. Tater and Tot
    Tater for the older one
    Tot for the younger one

    I always have the best code names for people in my real life, I'm always looking to make sure they could figure themselves out if they ever stumble across my blog :)

  4. Heal up quick! Good luck on the run tomorrow-stay warm!!

  5. Ouch, I hope you feel better soon! :) Just remember to take your run slowwwww tomorrow as to not explode/die/get even sicker tomorrow!

  6. Taking a cue from the U2 reference in your title, you could call your girls Gloria and Grace (Both U2 songs) or Sky and Rose (from the song "In God's Country") or Silver and Gold (another U2 song).

    As a year-round sinus sufferer, I empathize with your pain. Hope you feel better soon!

  7. I like Saundra's suggestion. I wish I had thought about that for my blog. I just use my son's real name.

    Did you work for McGraw-Hill in NYC? My story is similar to yours: BA in English, worked for Macmillan, Workman and Thomson in NYC, then started doing freelance writing and editing. It's great work for a mom.

  8. Sinus headaches are the worst! Glad you're feeling better...

  9. aww so sorry about you are feeling under the weather, things will turn around soon!

    always love to hear about what people do

  10. I am just now trying to get into freelancing. I am in college for a B.A in English...any advice you could or would give me, would be appreciated. Just curious how to really "get in" to the magazines.

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    My email jillyfly81 at comcast dot net.


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