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Friday, October 2, 2009

The "Sport" of Running

Is running a sport? I recently had a conversation about this question. At first I was adamant that it IS a sport, but as the conversation evolved I started to wonder. There were a lot of "if this, then this" points brought up, such as: "If running is a sport, then hunting is a sport." Badminton was also mentioned at one point. And there was some discussion about sport vs. exercise. In the course of the discussion, we even took the time to look it up online. The first definition I found didn't really clear it up for me:

sport [ spawrt ]
noun (plural sports)
1. competitive physical activity: an individual or group competitive activity involving physical exertion or skill, governed by rules, and sometimes engaged in professionally (often used in the plural)

So runners and non-runners out there, what do you think?

Is running a sport???


  1. Running IS a sport matching EXACTLY to the definition you have posted above.. Just as Cheerleading and Table Tennis are sports.. My mind is mush or I would come up with a better argument...but basically yes!! I am an athlete and I COMPETE in the sport of running. Others may Run for fun or Run for exercise...the organized races make Running a sport.

  2. I agree with Mel, the organized races make it a sport. If you never run a race, then it's exercise. If you race at least once in awhile, then you're training for your sport.

  3. Absolutely running IS a sport! Running to the mailbox, not a sport. Running in the back yard chasing the dog, not a sport. But really running and participating in races without a doubt a sport! I would not want to be the one to tell the Olympic runners, college runners, high school cross country and track teams that running is not a sport!

  4. Heck yeah, running is a sport!

    Now cheerleading? That one's debatable.

  5. Yep, it's a sport. Otherwise, why else would we hold races with prizes? Cheerleading is also a sport...since it has competitions too.


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