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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Think, Think, Think

There are a few things I have been wanting to get written and could make pretty lengthy posts about each, but I am tired of thinking about them. So here are the things I have been thinking about lately:
  • My first half marathon. It is this Saturday. The Hobble Creek Half Marathon. I have already lost sleep over it (thinking things like don't forget to Glide your toes, update iPod tomorrow, etc.). Instead of running my planned 20 miler this past week, which is what my marathon training had scheduled, I decided I would rather have fresh, strong legs for my first half. That means my longest run will be 20 miles, the week after my half. But several beginner training plans I have looked at peaked at a 20 mile long run, so I am hoping that will be enough.
  • There is a reason the GU instructions say to eat one 15 minutes before. I have been using energy gels about 6 miles or more into my long runs and not noticing any spectacular difference in my energy. I was tired and hungry at the start of my last 10 mile, so I downed a GU two miles in. After than, I wasn't hungry and felt strong the rest of my run. I ended feeling like I could have kept going. Then last night, I downed a GU about 15 minutes before my run. I was so tired (not sleepy, just exhausted) and hoped it would give me the energy to at least get started. Again, there was a noticeable difference by the time I changed my clothes and jumped on the treadmill. And I stayed strong through my speedwork. I'm going to be GUing before or at least early in my runs from now on!
  • KT Tape works. I have struggled with pain in my left hip since starting my marathon training several months ago. I think it is because of loose joints from being pregnant and then (still) nursing combined with the fact that I have a baby sitting on that hip off and on all day. Add running and you get hip pain. I got a sample of KT Tape, and very skeptically applied it. I couldn't figure out how something on the outside of my hip that I could hardly tell was there could help deep inside my joint. Well somehow it does. I noticed a difference within a few hours. And since there are no instructions on the web site or on the insert that came with the sample, Jim at KT Tape emailed me personalized instructions based on my description of the pain.

So that's it. Now I'm off to take a nap in an attempt to "sleep load" (or in my case get caught up a little) before the big day.


  1. I'm very excited for you and for your first Half!!! Try to take it easy, if you can, take an epsom salt soak bath for about 15 minutes, it's really relaxing and helps ease the muscles. I've been doing it the night before my long runs and it's really helped.

    I think you'll be fine mileage wise with pushing out the 20... but only time will tell. As long as you're more or less sticking to the plan you should be fine.

    And finally, thanks for the heads up on the tape! I'm def going to have to check this out for my knee issues!!!

    Can't wait for the race recap! You got this girl!!!

  2. Testing the GU timing for you is SMART...I think I fueled wrong for my First Marathon and tanked at mile 11.5..

    BEst of luck in your first Half. I LOVED my first half...just ran no pressure on myself....just ran!!!

    Please do that, don't stress just enjoy the people.

    MAke sure you drive the route, it really helps!!

  3. WHAT!? First of all the KT tape is pretty interesting! Good to know and it sounds like they have good support! I was having hip pain last year that seemed to be the starting point for maybe IT Band issues. Not sure but I susspect.

    Second good pointers on the Gu. I usually wait until about mile 8, 9, or 10. but then like you said by the time it kicks in i am done with a half. I will have to try eating it before!

    And third, GOOD LUCK!!!! You will do awesome! In my first half the fatrthest I had ever ran was 10. So with your long runs behind you this 13.1 will be cake. Endjoy it and let the good times roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Energy Gels are tricky. Especially if you do or do not eat breakfast. I down one about 15 minutes prior to a morning run and then another one about 45 minutes later.

    Good Luck on your first half - take it easy and enjoy. Just another training run!

  5. Good luck on the big run. Can't wait for your race report!!

  6. Best wishes for the half marathon! :)

  7. Good to know regarding the Gu. I haven't tried it yet and have been very curious. This half is going to be a piece of cake for you with all the long runs you whip out! I am hoping to be at 11 miles by the time my first half comes around! You go girl :)
    I can't wait to hear all about it!

  8. Good luck on Saturday!

    For my (one and only) marathon, my longest run was only 20 miles and I thought that was fine.

  9. Good Luck tomorrow!

  10. If you're worried that you'll forget to do something (like use Bodyglide) on race morning, making a list might help.

    Good luck at your first half marathon!!!


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