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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


"Crystal Clean and No Caffeine!" That was the award I once earned at a family reunion. Lack of sleep due to two children, a soda-loving husband, and the wonderful sweetness of Dr. Pepper have stripped me of that title! It is too easy to find an excuse to drink DP - lack of sleep, a headache, or even that the caffeine will give me a little extra boost for my run (pathetic, I know). I have been thinking a lot about this lately, prompted by the fact that my three-year-old always wants a drink of my drink. Here is what my thoughts have amounted to:

  • I didn't drink caffeine while pregnant and the first several months I was nursing. I know it is not good for a developing fetus, and it isn't good for my baby now either. Since I am still nursing, I owe it to my baby to keep the caffeine out of her system.

  • My Dad drinks an incredible amount of caffeinated soda. I can't hope he will kick the habit and say it isn't good for him if I drink the stuff.

  • If it isn't around, my three-year-old won't want or be able to drink it.

  • My body is made mostly of water, not soda.

  • Think of the calories I will save!


  1. we can be no soda buddies. I'm trying to quit mountain dew for the 7,302nd time.

  2. For me, if I don't drink soda for a long time, it tastes like medicine - not so good, but really that's a good thing if I'd rather not drink it. And just think of the money you'll save. : )

  3. I'm really glad I never got hooked on soda. We didn't drink it growing up and I've always just gone towards water. They say soda in excess is a huge contributor to weight you're right. Cutting it out would save a lot of calories.

  4. One of my friends has a rule of thumb that if your drink is going to have calories, it needs to also have alcohol to be worth it. Dr. Pepper does not qualify.


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