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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Corn Stalks

In spite of coming up with (what I consider at the time) great blogging topics every time my feet hit the pavement, I can't remember any of them now that I am sitting down to write. It doesn't help that I made the HUGE mistake of letting my girls miss their naps and now have two tired, whiny children. My nerves are shot and my brain is fried, so what better time to blog??

In a weak attempt to share something of some interest to someone, somewhere, I am resorting to bullet points. Here are some of the recent running thoughts that I can remember having:

  • Running an hour earlier (in the evening) adds ten degrees to the temperature, but only one bug (instead of dozens) has died by hitting me in the face today.

  • I love the wind! I love the wind! I love the wind! I love the wind! I love the wind!

  • I hate the wind! I hate the wind! I hate the wind! I hate the wind! I hate the wind!

  • I need to put more Coldplay on my iPod.

  • Those corn stalks are really blowing. No wonder my legs are tired. I think I'll stop and take a picture.


  1. I HATE the wind. At 6'0 I am NOT in any way aerodynamic. Cool picture.

  2. I'm with you on the love/hate thing with the wind!

    Now go rest your brain!


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